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Because the tireless improvement of performance, reliability and efficiency has been a constant watchword since our inception, we set aside 15% of our annual turnover for R&D – an unparalleled commitment in the immunohaematology sector. 

R&D is the cornerstone of our strategy, and is focused in two key directions that are closely linked: biology and instrumentation. Working simultaneously on the development of new reagents, fast and powerful automated systems and user-friendly, fluid software interfaces, we seek to meet all of our customers’ needs, regardless of their size, requirements or specific characteristics.


Science devoted to the study of the antigenic properties of blood and the corresponding immunological reactions.
Erythrocyte immunohaematology examinations aim to ensure perfect compatibility between donors and recipients, and thus to prevent or diagnose the risk of erythrocyte haemolysis. They are vitally important both in relation to transfusions and/or transplants and in monitoring pregnant women, exploring haemolytic anaemia in newborns and in autoimmune pathologies.