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In immunohaematology, only 2 innovative technologies have emerged during the last decade: both have been thought, created and developed by DIAGAST.

2 breakthrough technologies in less than 10 years 

DIAGAST took a turn towards automation in the 90s. new clones, instruments and expert software contribute  to the computerisation and securing of transfusion diagnosis.

E .M.® Technology 

Based on the magnetization of red blood cells,  this innovative nanotechnology patented in 2005  gave birth to the QWALYS®, the first device to use  E.M.® Technology. In 2009, DIAGAST launched its third generation  of fully-automated system, QWALYS® 3, which performs  high-throughput grouping, phenotyping, Irregular Antibody  Screening Test (IAT), red Cell Antibody Screening Test  (rCAS), identification and crossmatch.

QWALYS® is reinventing itself and, for its new generation called QWALYS® 3 EVO, presents new features as stat function, Dynamic scheduler, and a new user interface.

E.M.® TECHNOLOGY: a revolutionary breakthrough in immunohaematology

During the last few years, DIAGAST has reinvented the way to do the immunohaematology analyses by developing pioneering technology in this field called: the E.M.® Technology (Erythrocytes Magnetized Technology). The principle of this innovative technology is based on the use of magnetic particles. During the analyzing process, these particles are fixed on the surface of red blood cells by adsorption or by binding on the GPA glycoprotein. When they are exposed to a magnetic field in the microplate, these cells migrate to the bottom of each well.

By using E.M.® Technology, the centrifugation step is completely eliminated during the analytical process.


En 2014, DIAGAST acquired the ABO Diag start-up  specialised in the development of immunohaematology diagnosis tools and the patented M-TRAP® technology. This acquisition enabled it to develop new solutions, which led in particular to enhanced transfusion safety. The first application of the M-TRAP®, the ABTest Card® is an Ultimate Bedside Control card which verifies, simply and in record time, the ABO compatibility between the patient’s blood and the red cells in the transfusion bag. 

Second application : the ABD PAD® is an innovative IVDMD for use of manual blood group confirmation of ABO/RhD for both donors and recipients.

M-TRAP® Technology

The M-TRAP® technology is patented by DIAGAST and relies on the superposition of membranes: An upper membrane where the test antibodies are and a lower membrane that will absorb all the liquids of the test.

The M-TRAP® technology has 2 major advantages:

  1. Since the test antibodies are inside the upper membrane, they never get in direct contact with the user. There is no risk of cross-contamination.
  2. Since the lower membrane absorbs the liquids of the test (PAD Buffer and sample), the risk of blood exposure is considerably lower.