Thanks to its transfusion sensitivity, DIAGAST has always offered in its catalog, products to perform the ultimate pre-transfusion test. As the last check at the patient’s bed, before the transfusion of any blood product (including in emergency situations), it is of paramount importance to guarantee the ABO compatibility of the labile blood products (LBC) to be transfused.

Among other things, this test prevents an ABO haemolytic incident due to an error:

  • From the recipients’s blood sample,
  • In the allocation or distribution of a LSP to be transfused
  • In the choice of the right patient to be transfused.

Safety Test ABO

Reading of the Safety Card AB at the patient's bed
Reading of the Safety Card AB at the patient’s bed
The SafetyTest ABO kit

Safety Test ABO is a medical in vitro diagnostic device for professional use to confirm ABO blood group compatibility before a transfusion, at patient’s bedside. This testing comes in addition to patient’s identity checking and comparison between group on blood bag’s label and patient’s group.

The procedure is based on haemagglutination’s principles. Red blood cells carry antigens and agglutinate in the presence of test sera (reagents) carrying corresponding antibodies (colored reagents are dried out on the card’s wells).

Safety Test ABO (Ref 79069) includes 100 single-use tests packed separately. A single test of Safety Test ABO consists of:

  • 1 Safety Card AB individually packed in a sealed package,
  • 1 vial of NaCl  0,9% (physiological saline),
  • 1 fingerprick lancet,
  • 1 segment opener,
  • 4 spatulas.

Safety Card AB

Safety Card AB (Ref 79074) contains 100 cards for single use, and each card is individually packed in a sealed package. This package contains as well a transparent adhesive sheet and a technical insert.

Safety Card AB contains 4 spots with dried reagents:

  • 1 x anti-A and 1 x anti-B for the patient on the card’s left side,
  • 1 x anti-A and 1 x anti-B for the blood bag on the card’s right side.

See the complete protocol in the video below.

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