QWALYS® 3 EVO: Innovation and flexibility for your immunohaematology automation

DIAGAST, an international expert and specialist in transfusion diagnostics, has included innovation and flexibility in the QWALYS® 3 EVO automated system.

With the E.M.® Technology, QWALYS® 3 EVO is the only fully-automated system on the market using the magnetization of erythrocytes, a process that no longer requires washing and centrifugation steps. Latest-generation and fully-automated system with high throughput, large loading capacity and STAT function among others, QWALYS® 3 EVO is the benchmark instrument for all laboratories, blood banks, blood transfusion centers and hospitals.

Safety and traceability
Dynamic scheduler
Workflow Optimization
STAT function

Beyond its technical performance, QWALYS® 3 EVO brings you solutions to your daily routine in your immunohaematology laboratory.


Saving and Profitability

The walk-away system will save you time in your laboratory:

  • Up to 6 hours of functional autonomy (without technician intervention)
  • Between 2 and 15 days of on-board reagent stability

Thanks to the E.M.® Technology, you are guaranteed to have an optimum price/performance ratio, with equivalent biological results (sensitivity and specificity) to benchmark techniques available on the market

Efficiency and Performance

  • Up to 110 Grouping and/or 240 Antibody Screening tests per hour
  • A minimum loading capacity of 144 samples in the standard configuration, with autonomy of 384 Blood Group Confirmation or 896 Antibody Screening, QWALYS® 3 EVO can process up to 500,000 tests per year
  • User-friendly system and software
  • Adaptability to your laboratory workflow: continuous loading, real-time display of reagent consumption and sample status
  • QWALYS® automated systems are approved and are used routinely by many national blood transfusion organizations worldwide

Quality and Safety

  • Tecan platform and robustness (leader in IVD automation)
  • Latest generation of components integrated for unrivalled precision: high resolution camera, auto-grading and auto-controls (reader)
  • CE-marked reagents, IVD and ISO certification (Gmed)
  • Explicit reading of results thanks to the E.M.® Technology
  • Complete traceability: sample-reagent-result
  • Pre-dispensed or coated support for optimum control of reagents distribution
  • Associated services: dedicated hotline, training center, after-sales service team in your country, DIAGAST engineers available in different time zone

STAT function

This function completes QWALYS® 3 EVO specific features: 

  • Managed by IT system (LIS or QWALYS® Software)
  • Constant management of emergency samples
  • Priority is given to samples which are identified as urgent, while preserving ongoing run and routine samples. 

Technical characteristics

  • Ref: 90854 = QWALYS®3 – 8 needles
  • Length = 150 cm
  • Breadth = 75 cm
  • Height = 80 cm
  • Weight = 210 kg
  • Tension: 100-200, 220-240 V