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Our R&D department is always looking at new avenues for hematological diagnostics, often breaking completely with existing techniques, We believe that the technologies developed in this way, will become the future references.

Innovation is in our blood

Because the tireless improvement of performance, reliability and efficiency has been a constant watchword since our inception, we set aside 15% of our annual turnover for R&D – an unparalleled commitment in the immunohaematology sector. 

R&D is the cornerstone of our strategy, and is focused in two key directions that are closely linked: biology and instrumentation. Working simultaneously on the development of new reagents, fast and powerful automated systems and user-friendly, fluid software interfaces, we seek to meet all of our customers’ needs, regardless of their size, requirements or specific characteristics.

Disruptive innovations

This forward-looking strategy has led to the emergence of a number of significant technological breakthroughs, including the following in the last decade:

  • 2004: release of EM® Technology, a nanotechnology-based analysis process that replaces haematocrit centrifugation by a magnetisation process. It led to the creation of QWALYS®, the first high-throughput automated system to use it.
  • 2009: third generation of QWALYS systems. QWALYS® 3 can perform a series of high-throughput operations: grouping, phenotyping, irregular antibody screening, regular antibody screening, identification and crossmatching. 
  • 2014: acquisition of Bordeaux-based startup ABO Diag, specialising in the development of immunohaematology diagnostic tools. Using patented M-TRAP® technology, DIAGAST markets the ABTest Card®, a bedside blood typing test kit. It is simple to use, and ascertains the compatibility of recipient and donor blood groups in a 30-second, three-step process. 
  • 2017: launch of QWALYS® 3 EVO, adding three new functions to the QWALYS® model: an emergency setting capable of giving priority to a portion of the analysed samples, a dynamic test scheduler and a new, friendly, intuitive user interface.
  • 2018: rollout in several countries (e.g. France, Italy and the Ivory Coast) of the ABD-PAD® IVDMD system based on M-TRAP® technology for blood group confirmation.