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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): OUR INDUSTRIAL RANGE


Your specific needs imply specific solutions. That's why we manufacture our own clone lines and develop reagents adapted to your standards.


DIAGAST meets all your needs:

  • Quick delivery guaranteed
  • Hotline answers in less than 48 hours
  • Dedicated sales team
  • Dedicated administrative team

DIAGAST meets all your requests:

  • The packaging of your choice: from standard one to finished product filled and packaged to your specifications.From blood grouping to rare sera.
  • A quality adapted to your specifications: from concentrated bulk For Further Manufacturing Use (FFMU) to ready-to-use reagents
  • A large range of products: from standard to custom-made registered products

Leading diagnostic companies have chosen DIAGAST as their supplier.


What about you?


For further information, oem@diagast.com

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