M-TRAP® Technology is based on the detection of antigen-antibody interaction on a porous membrane. Only the red blood cells having the corresponding antigen are fixed into the membrane revealing immediately the reaction. A breakthrough technology!

The principle:

The M-TRAP® Technology, patented by DIAGAST, relies on the superposition of membranes and has 2 major advantages:

  1. Since the test antibodies are inside the upper membrane, they never get in direct contact with the user. There is no risk of cross-contamination.
  2. Since the lower membrane absorbs the liquids of the test (PAD Buffer and sample), the risk of blood exposure is considerably lower.

This simple protocol takes place in 3 steps and in 30 seconds.

1 drop of buffer is dispensed to hydrate the antisera
2-Blood dispensing
The blood samples are added into the well
The well is filled with the buffer revealing the reaction

Easy interpretation of the results

The Red Blood Cells having the corresponding antigen with regards to the antisera will be retained in the membrane. the reaction will be red and thus the result is positive.

The Red Blood Cells lacking the corresponding antigen with regards to the antisera are not retained and will go down through the membrane. The reaction will become green and thus the result is negative.

Fasr, safe and standardized

Easy implementation, easy user-friend, easy reading! The M-TRAP® technology has all the assets for optimal results in all conditions.

Associated products:

ABD PAD® – 10×20 tests (200 tests) 40102 Technical insert
PAD Buffer 40100 Technical insert
PAD Buffer 500 40104 Technical insert
Acti-Lance Lice 28 G – 1000 pcs 118814
Pipettes – 3200 pcs 119421
Zip bags – 500 pcs (for transport and storage after use) 119422