ABD PAD® is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for the confirmation o blood group (ABO/RH1). It allows this confirmation in less than 30 seconds, with no need o sample preparation (whole blood or concentrated RBC).

Blood group confirmation with ABD PAD®

ABD PAD® was conceived for a simple and versatile use, without the limitations imposed by refrigerated storage and centrifugation. Therefore, ABD PAD® can be used inside the lab or outdoors in order to perform a blood group control.

Each ABD PAD® (20 tests) needs a bottle of PAD® Buffer (50ml). For a greater throughput, it is possible to use a multichannel pipette. In this case we suggest the use of PAD® Buffer 500.

ABD PAD® 40102 Technical insert
PAD Buffer 40100 Technical insert
PAD Buffer 500 40104 Technical insert
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