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DIAGAST and our commercial distributor for the guatemalan market Servicios Quirúrgicos S.A. were delighted to introduce our company, our history in Immunohematology and our solutions for blood banks and transfusion centers during a conference held in Radison Hotel, Guatemala City, Guatemala. It was the first time we had such an event in Central America.

QWALYS 3® EVO – our fully-automated system for Immunohematology tests of blood banks- and EM® Technology were introduced to the Key Opinion Leaders of Immunohematology in Guatemala. There were about 20 heads of blood banks in person and a little more connected online.

Participants were very interested in our technology and asked a lot of questions.

Finally, we presented the ABD PAD®, an innovative product that has been introduced and launched with great success in the Guatemalan market.

Servicios Quirúrgicos already have a strong presence in the country, in the fields of cardiology, oncology, neurology and diabetes. DIAGAST portfolio completes their range of products with immunohaematology (blood grouping and transfusion) allowing Servicios Quirúrgicos to provide with a comprehensive solution to the most important Guatemalan health providers. 

Thanks to the support of Servicios Quirúrgicos and of all its distributors, DIAGAST continues its mission of providing access to safer transfusions worldwide.


Our distributor, Servicios Quirúrgicos, set up a continuing education program a few years ago. In this program, conferences on different subjects have been frequently organized. These events are of great interest to the main medical institutions of the country‘.

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