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Dear customers and partners,

During the current health crisis with COVID-19, DIAGAST continues to serve the French and International Transfusion, as a subsidiary of French Blood Establishment. Our willingness is to be at your side and fulfill our key mission.

Be sure our blood typing activity remains essential and becomes particularly important in the current context of worldwide health crisis. The involvement of every business units of the company remains complete. 

Production on site is tirelessly going on and the mobilization of DIAGAST teams is unfailing.

 We carefully respect health recommendations and safety instructions, that become daily proper reflexes and actions.

 Solidarity has been set up in the company. Our sales and marketing departments provide assistance to on-site production team to ensure our leading activity of blood grouping to be performed.

 Our sales administration and logistics departments redouble efforts to avoid difficulties in sending you the products all over the world. Teleworking people from the company reinvent their working approach during the quarantine but keep listening to your needs.

 DIAGAST adapts itself to a changing environment. Please trust our team. We want to stay successful, very professional and competitive.

 We are looking forward to seeing you on our main future events like MEDLAB or ISBT.

See you very soon!