A running immunohematology laboratory must provide reliable results. The use of internal quality controls assures the correct performance of routine testing. In addition, the use of external quality controls provides further evidence of its reliability.

Internal Quality Controls
DIAGAST provides quality controls for ABO/RH1 and RH-Kell typing, as well as antibody screening and direct antiglobulin test.

HEMA CQI 59500 Technical insert
ABS IQC 59507 Technical insert
EEQ 1 – For grouping, phenotyping & AntiBody screening 59511
EEQ 2 – For Direct Antiglobulin Test 59512
EEQ 3 – For extended phenotyping 59513
EEQ 4 – For crossmatching 59514
EEQ 5 – For elution test 59515
EEQ 6 – For Antibody titration 59516