These reagents kits are in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) for professional use. They are used for  ABO-RH1 grouping of human red blood cells. They are not intended for screening for weak D antigen. 

These devices, intended for ABO grouping, must be used on the automated machines QWALYS® in the E.M.® Technology method.

Groupa 2 Lys enable the determination of erythrocytic antigens A (ABO1), B (ABO2) and D (RH1). 

Groupa 2 Lys (DIAGAST Ref.:  79964) is a kit consisting of:

  • 12 Groupa 2 Lys microplates for 12 x 8 ABO-RH1 grouping.
    Each microplate contains 8 wells of anti-A,  anti-B, anti-A,B, anti-D1, anti-D2 and negative control, and 8 x 6 empty wells.
  • 1 x 40-mL vial of MagneLys.
See clones numbers

NB: The clones used for anti-D1 and anti-D2 give negative results in case of DVI. For this specific detection (DVI), use Groupa DVI Lys.

Groupa 2 Lys 79964 Technical insert
MagneLys 79900 Technical insert
BROMELINE 5X100ML 69860 Technical insert
D-Plates 79851 Technical insert