ABO-D Blood grouping reagents for PK7300

The reagents of PK7300 are in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) for professional use. They are exclusively intended for blood bag identification centers, such as blood banks. 

The ANTI-A, ANTI-B, ANTI-A,B are used in the red blood cell determination of the ABO Blood Group. They are used to determine the presence of erythrocytic antigens A and/or B on the surface of human red blood cells.

The ANTI-D (PK1), ANTI-D (PK2) and ANTI-D TOTEM PK are used to determine the D phenotype. They are used to detect the presence of the D (RH1) antigen on the surface of human red blood cells.

The CONTROL PK must be used in blood grouping or phenotyping. It is devoid of antibody activity. When tested under the same conditions as the reagents for PK®SYSTEM, the CONTROL PK enables the user to interpret the result obtained.

These reagents are ready for use and can thus be directly used on BECKMAN COULTER terraced microplate on PK7300 automated microplate system.

ANTI-A (PK2) 73201 Technical insert
ANTI-B (PK2) 73202 Technical insert
ANTI-AB (PK2) 73203 Technical insert
ANTI-D (PK2) 73204 Technical insert
CONTROL PK 73000 Technical insert
BROMELINE PK 73300 Technical insert