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Immersion and interactivity

The virtual tour is the innovative technological means that DIAGAST has chosen to allow any Internet user to navigate at his own pace, according to his needs and desires, on a precise interface, discovering the desired information about our company.

  • Diversified information:
    During the visit, you will become familiar with the various buttons positioned in the production rooms, laboratories or storage areas:
    • hotspots, allowing you to move “through the walls”,
    • content points showing in key figures and concise baselines, the activity of the department or laboratory visited,

  • Anti-Covid:
    In these times of pandemic, avoid unnecessary travel and risks. Consult the DIAGAST information without a mask, ensconced in your armchair.
  • The reality of the company:
    Thanks to the virtual tour, you can visualize every detail of the company in a real and objective way.
  • Whenever you like:
    At any time and in any place, you can visit DIAGAST on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Once in the virtual tour, feel free to choose where you want to go and how much time you want to spend browsing through the different laboratories.
  • Regular updates:
    Depending on the layout of the production premises or the updating of various processes or production lines, information points, videos or even other 360° panoramas will be added to the tour.

In short, an essential tool to immerse oneself in the heart of DIAGAST
and to benefit from a unique customer experience.