On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of DIAGAST at ISBT Toronto 2018, we have revealed ONYX®, our new automated system for immunohematology testing. ONYX® comes as a result of a 5-year extensive development of the latest patented M-TRAP® Technology and has been designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size laboratories.


Powered by M-TRAP® technology, it gives the shortest time to results of the market. It is based on strong robustness through a reduced number of mechanical parts and predictive maintenance. Associated with the optimized cartridge format, the whole solution provides cost-efficiency to laboratories.




ONYX® is an automated system that gives more benefits with less. LESS includes all aspects: STAT, size of the machine, lab space, mechanical parts, breakdowns, waste, training…
First results for ABO-RH1, RH-KEL1, and antibody screening are obtained in 15 minutes instead of 35 minutes for other analyzers
Optimized waiting time during the test processing leading to shorter time to results. Some other analyzers lose 10 minutes minimum because of centrifugation and other non-optimized process.
A machine to machine communication will allow predictive maintenance to replace the spare parts before they breakdown.
Only 1 shaking incubator is added in ONYX® compared to several incubators and centrifuges placed in other systems. This reduces the risk of breakdown, cost, and settings contributing to higher robustness.
1 cartridge contains 36 wells and is equivalent to 6 gel cards. It’s an optimized and eco-friendly format for transport, storage leading to the volume reduction of waste.



ONYX® is revolutionizing the immunohematology testing thanks to the disruptive M-TRAP® Technology and adapts to the routine activity of the laboratories.

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Last update : 14/08/2020 20:38:34