Qwalys Connect Protocol scheduleQWALYS Connect is the latest technologic novelty entirely created by DIAGAST engineers team: greater efficiency, greater user-friendliness, and greater performance. This remote access application, developed by our engineers, is usable on smartphones, PC and I-pad and enables you to check your samples status (either undone, processing, done), to view and/or validate your results on your peripheric laboratories.



Wherever you want, whenever you want. If a result seems doubtful at your eyes, you can access to this analysis' result, see the result's image by zooming in the well of the microplate that had to be controlled and validate it by filling in the validation comment field.


  • Combine a better service provided to your prescribers and a increased personnal confort,
  • A simple and easy way for the organization of your technical platform,
  • A scalable solution to meet your future challenges.
See an I-Pad screenshot.
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Last update : 04/07/2020 07:12:16