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Sustainable Development is not just an “ecological trend” This is a real corporate concern in which DIAGAST wished to be part, in order to minimize its environmental impact and to get involved in a human resources policy concerned with the well-being of its employees.

Sustainable Development is a form of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Brundtland Report – UN World Commission on Environment and Development (1987)

A definition that is certainly very general and that the company interprets and combines with its activity. Indeed, the sustainable growth of a company committed to sustainable development is achieved in the preservation of the environment, respect for social equity and the success of economic and commercial objectives, while respecting and this is the essential, the balance between the 3 axes.

Selection of suppliers, design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products, energy savings, waste reduction and awareness of our employees: we act on a daily basis to be a virtuous company.

The adoption of Sustainable Development in business even leads to the creation of value. Some simple examples in our business routine:

Sustained development
Our new industrial site inaugurated in January 2019: FDA approved and eco-friendly

The new industrial site of DIAGAST has been operational since January 2019. Beyond the non-polluting technical choices (technical choice of cold production, LED lighting, etc.), the new site has benefited from quality glazing reinforced to reduce the greenhouse effect almost inevitable for this type of building, thus limiting the overconsumption of energy. It’s good for the environment and for the finances!

Our logistics, now refocused in a single area of ​​the new building, are greatly optimized. In addition to the storage areas multiplied by 2, the shuttles to the formerly outsourced storage areas have been eliminated. That reduced considerably our carbon footprint.

The dematerialization of notices  has been practiced at DIAGAST for many years. At the base of this awareness, the tons of paper used to print the instructions for all our products in 27 languages. From now on, product manuals are printed in 3 languages ​​only, all other language versions being available 24/7 (web and telephone) on the website

Listening to employees also means optimizing the development of their skills. It is also for the employee, a feeling of well-being at his workstation and a reinforced commitment of his activity. The company, for its part, recorded much better performances from its players. A Win-win relationship!

Below are the other actions carried out or in progress as part of our social responsibility:

Other environmental actions
  • Use of recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard for the shipment of our packages.
  • Use of recyclable vials for the filling of reagents.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by training our fleet of vehicles to drive in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Centralization of eco-programmed copiers and printers with monitoring of ink and paper consumption
  • Distribution of a water bottle to each employee
  • Set up the sorting of used masks which will be recycled by the company ELISE whose staff is essentially made up of disabled people or people with integration difficulties.
  • Collection of battery, neon tubes and WEEE.4

Other social actions
  • Agreement and action plan for professional equality between men and women.
  • Implementation of an action plan on the generation contract.
  • Support for senior employees to ensure career development and maintain employability.
  • Diversity of nationalities and cultures in its staff.
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions and prevention of professional risks.
  • Partnership with AlterEos: employment for disabled people and social reintegration
  • Organization of caritative and/or federative events (Run For Life, United Heroes, Défis fous, …)

Other economic actions
  • Partnership and collaboration with major schools and regional industries.
  • Support for job creation.
  • Positive activity of the company with purchase of technological patents
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification
  • Establishing partnerships with local associations
  • Participation in a humanitarian action
  • Skill-based sponsorship.

As you can see, our company’s concern for Sustainable Development is not an empty word. At all levels of the company, awareness is real whether it is for waste disposal routines or simply for the respect of the Eco-Gestures guide, a guide created internally to limit our energy consumption (water, electricity, paper, etc.).

Involved, empowered and united employees,
a real commitment from our teams.