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No work-related travel? DIAGAST adapts.

DIAGAST bypass the worldwide health crisis by organizing a remote evaluation on QWALYS®.

Worldwide Health crisis of COVID-19 is preventing DIAGAST Export Marketing and Engineer teams from traveling around the world. However, evaluations of our immuno-hematology products can still be required by the international market but can no longer be performed on-site with the team all together.

In this context, last week, a remote training about E.M.® Technology, based on magnetization of red blood cells, and its automated system QWALYS® EVO took place in Lille, France.It was successfully completed with a remote evaluation with South African customers and our local partneral Vertice Medtech.

Inana Namet (DIAGAST International Product Manager), Romain Ouchet and Thomas Gilles (DIAGAST International Field Engineers), Stéphane Eznack (DIAGAST Area Business Manager) & Morne Toms (Executive, Haemotech Division – Vertice Medtech) got mobilized and performed the evaluation from 6 to 11th of July, 2020, on 3400 samples of blood donors at the showroom of Vertice Medtech in Pretoria, near Johannesburg..

Despite facing a new challenging environment, DIAGAST has shown adaptability during this period of worldwide unexpected situation. Our objective remains to stay creative, efficient and mobilized for our partners who trust our company..

Writer: Karine Vivier – DIAGAST Communication Department – July 2020