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«DIAGAST has a unique cell heritage in Immuno-Hematology (IH). Works on our reagents allows the identification of a new variant of RhD antigens»

Numerous RHD genetic variations can affect the RhD antigen on the red blood cell surface, resulting in weak or partial expression, and DEL variants.

DEL is not usually detected by current serological methods but only by the technique named Elution.

The antibody lines produced by DIAGAST, finely characterized in terms of recognition of antigenic motifs, were therefore used in this elution technique.

These studies led to the discovery of a new variant which have been proposed to the ISBT nomenclature under the number RHD*DEL49.

Knowledge of the mechanisms leading to this type of variant is of great clinical interest for Asian populations. In Asia, It is indeed relatively common to know in order to avoid alloimmunizations.

The results of this study were published in Transfusion n°60, in July 2020

There is no doubt that these results are the fruit of the daily efforts of all actors in the chain allowing the use of these reagents in expert laboratories, and that this participation in securing our medical environment is indeed DIAGAST’s primary mission..

Report by Laurent Soufflet, R&D DIAGAST