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Despite 2 years disrupted by the health crisis, DIAGAST turnover kept growing and continues its positive progression by announcing a 2022 turnover, up by 13%.

Strongly quarterly results, were the sign of excellent results for 2022 and an evidence of the excellent financial health of our company. This figure of +13%, (+3% budgeted and expected), was achieved thanks to the excellent performance of all our business sectors. The automated, manual, OEM and FFMU ranges have thus known significant increases in turnover thanks to the complete involvement of each DIAGAST collaborator.

These excellent results are also reflected in the 3 commercial areas, all of which have seen their sales increase:

  • Americas: +3%
  • APAC (Asia & Pacific): +55%
  • EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa: +7%
    • Including France: +3%

In spite of the current procurement difficulties and the regulatory constraints related to our area of activity, our day-to-day strengths in adaptability, resilience, creativity and agility have allowed us to continue to ensure transfusion safety through our solutions.