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DIAGAST joined the United Heroes movement on February 16. Since then, the program that encourages us to take better care of our health through daily physical exercise has become an unavoidable routine

But United Heroes isn’t just a friendly battle between colleagues.

In addition to individual sports challenges, United Heroes regularly puts forwards, in collaboration with partners or associations, collective challenges focused on environmental objectives.

For June 2021, DIAGAST has taken up the challenge of exceeding 300 000 units. The investment and implication were both complete. Results: 300,580 units accumulated during the month.

The objective of 300 000 units reached, DIAGAST, as it was committed, made a donation to the  Planete Urgence  association. This donation will allow replanting 1,000 trees in Indonesia.


DIAGAST actively supports Planète Urgences.

DIAGAST is sensitive to the environmental projects defended by Planète Urgences and especially the MAHAKAM Project. This project aims to contribute to the sustainable restoration of the mangrove ecosystem in the Mahakam delta by reducing the vulnerability of communities to climate change since 2017. Indeed, 47.8% of the current mangrove ecosystem is degraded due to aquaculture and 90% of the local population in the area depends on fishing activities. This degradation has contributed to the development of diseases directly affecting the marine fauna, leading to a sharp decline in its presence.