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With the health crisis that has taken hold, habits are changing. All trade fairs have abandoned (for the time being) the usual face-to-face stands for virtual versions: ISBT, MedLab,… But DIAGAST wanted to offer you more than a periodic presence based on the trade fair calendar.

So what is DIAGAST Live?

To network with you during this 100% digital event, we have created DIAGAST Live, a dedicated online platform offering dynamic product presentations and video interviews., on which we invite you to meet us – LIVE – several times during the year. Indeed, despite the health crisis we are going through, it is crucial for us to maintain the link. This is why DIAGAST is reinventing itself with DIAGAST LIVE, in order to stay close to you!

What can you do on this platform?

Everything you expected from a visit on an in-person booth, you will find under a different approach and a digital communication way.

  • Chat with our teams Live, and hereby compensate for the lack of in-person exhibitions,
  • Interact with our experts in an innovative way,
  • Discover DIAGAST’s products, services, teams, and expertise like never before!

As you can see, DIAGAST Live uses the codes of tradeshow stands that DIAGAST likes to create: modern, dynamic and creative! The media are adapted for online viewing with an enhanced use of video or motion design to schematize certain technologies.

But if the interface is now digital, the solutions we offer are very real. And YOU have the hand to navigate through the topics that interest you most. Nothing’s easier.

Guided tour

Feel free to navigate at your own pace in our brand new virtual booth and according to your needs and desires. Just click the appropriate button:

► In the tab “our products”, discover our activity, our products and our technologies, in a dynamic and interactive way.

► In the “Our expertise” section, you will enter the heart of DIAGAST’s innovation and industrial know-how, and better understand the values ​​that have enabled us to become the 2nd largest supplier in the world of monoclonal antibodies relating to immuno-hematology.

► If you click on “Our teams”, you will meet the driving forces of DIAGAST through video interviews of some of our employees.

Grand launching

DIAGAST will take the opportunity of the ISBT congress (initially scheduled in person in Milan, Italy) to inaugurate its platform DIAGAST Live. The congress will finally take place in virtual mode under the name of ISBT In Focus from June 2 to 8, 2021. Be patient, the big day is coming!


A question? A comment? Our teams are here for you, LIVE. You just have to click on one of their photos to be put in contact by chat or video chat. Please don’t hesitate, this is what DIAGAST Live is all about !

Click, scroll, view… and enjoy discovering DIAGAST Live for yourself. We hope you will enjoy meeting us, even if only virtually … but at least live!