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Diagast, a French pioneer in Immuno-Hematology, is launching an investment plan to strengthen the safety of blood transfusions and guarantee health sovereignty through the production of clones.

This plan, which has a budget of 26.5 million euros, includes the allocation of 6.5 million euros obtained by the company as part of the Plan France 2030.

The purpose of the plan is to enable the company to achieve its objectives in terms of transfusion safety and health sovereignty, in particular by increasing the number of clones and increasing production capacity by a factor of four at the historical site of Loos, in northern France.

Diagast is the world’s second largest producer of monoclonal antibodies in Immuno-Haematology with a 70% production coverage of the requirements needed to guarantee complete autonomy and safety during blood transfusions. Thus, Diagast’s ambition is to reach 100% with this investment plan and to guarantee French and global health sovereignty.

DIAGAST new manufacturing facility
Bioproductio is the heart of our activity

The plan will also:

  • Enrich and complete the range of monoclonal antibodies,
  • Modernise and develop society’s bio-production tools,
  • Contribute to national capacity-building
  • share the company’s know-how in terms of bio-production by making its expertise and tools available to its partners.

This represents a further step in Diagast’s plan to maintain the highest standards of transfusion safety.

Excerpt from “The Life of Societies” – Spectra Diagnostic #26