Antibody Screening with I-Mag Screen (IgG only)

The screening test for irregular anti-erythrocyte antibodies using E.M.® Technology is based on the magnetisation of red blood cells.

The principle of the method uses the indirect antiglobulin test, in solid phase, combined with a magnetic field.

  • The plasma or serum of the test subject is incubated with the Group O magnetised red blood cells and the known phenotype “I-Mag Screen“. These red blood cells are sensitised in the presence of the antibody directed against an antigen on their surface.
  • Once subjected to a magnetic field, all the magnetised red blood cells migrate to the bottom of the well.
  • The monoclonal antiglobulins present in the ScreenLys microplate wells show the presence of immunoglobulins of IgG type attached to the red blood cells. This in turn, leads to formation of a layer of red blood cells at the bottom of the well.
ScreenLys Plate 79861 Technical insert
I-Mag Screen 59857 Technical insert
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