These reagents kits are in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) for professional use. They are used for  ABO-RH1 grouping and/or RH-Kell phenotyping of human red blood cells. They are not intended for screening for weak antigen D. 

These devices, intended for ABO grouping, must be used with HEMALYS or red blood cells magnetized according to the recommendations of DIAGAST for the realization of the plasma test (reverse group). These devices are for use on the automated machines QWALYS® in the E.M.® Technology method.

DuoLys enables determination of the presence of erythrocytic antigens A (ABO1), B (ABO2), D (RH1), C (RH2), E (RH3), c (RH4), e (RH5) and K (KEL1). 

DuoLys (DIAGAST Ref.:  79960) is a kit consisting of:

  • 12 DuoLys microplates for 12 x 8 ABO-RH1 grouping and 12 x 8 RH-K phenotyping.
    Each microplate contains 8 wells of anti-A, anti-B, anti-A,B, anti-D, anti-C, anti-c, anti-E, anti-e, anti-K and negative control, and 2 x 8 empty wells.
  • 1 x 40-mL vial of MagneLys.

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DuoLys 79960 Technical insert
DuoLys v2 79970
MagneLys 79900 Technical insert
BROMELINE 5X100ML 69860 Technical insert
HEMALYS 1 A1, B 59659 Technical insert
D-Plates 79851 Technical insert