The antibody screening test using E.M.® Technologyr E.M.® Technology is based on the magnetization of red blood cells. This principle method uses an Indirect Antiglobulin Test (IAT), in the solid phase, combined with a magnetic field.

  • The plasma or serum from the sample to be tested is incubated with magnetized test red blood cells “HEMASCREEN”. These group ‘O’ magnetized red blood cells have been phenotyped. These red blood cells are sensitized with antibody steered against the antigen being on their surface.
  • Once exposed to a magnetic field, the magnetized red blood cells migrate to the bottom of the well. 
  • The monoclonal antiglobulins present in the ScreenLys microplates wells reveal the presence of IgG type antibody fixed on the red blood cells. This in turn, leads to the formation of a layer of red blood cells at the bottom of the well.

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