Identification with I-Mag Ident

The identification test for unexpected antibodies using E.M.® Technology is based on the magnetisation of red blood cells. The principle of the method uses the indirect antiglobulin test, in solid phase, combined with a magnetic field.

  • The plasma or serum of the test subject is incubated with the Group O magnetised red blood cells and the known phenotype “I-Mag Ident”. These red blood cells are sensitised in the presence of the antibody directed against an antigen on their surface.
  • Once subjected to a magnetic field, all the magnetised red blood cells migrate to the bottom of the well.
  • The monoclonal antiglobulins present in the ScreenLys microplate wells show the presence of immunoglobulins of IgG type attached to the red blood cells. This in turn, leads to formation of a layer of red blood cells at the bottom of the well.

Autologous control can be performed if required.

ScreenLys Plate 79861 Technical insert
NanoLys 69305 Technical insert
IRONMAG 20000 Technical insert
I-Mag Diluent 69312 Technical insert
I-Mag Ident – Panel of 11 magnetized red blood cells for antibody identification 59859 Technical insert