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Stemming from the world of blood transfusion and privileged partner of EFS (French Blood service), DIAGAST is now your legitimate partner in Immunohaematology since 1988.

Innovative transfusion solutions around the world

Our mission at the heart of health systems

Immunohaematology is an essential component of modern medicine, aiming to ensure total transfusion compatibility between blood donors and patients. For effective, safe transfusions, it is vital to ensure that each patient is protected from any possible risk of error. 

This responsibility is always uppermost in our minds. Our primary objective has not changed since our company was created: to provide healthcare players with a high-performance, safe range of products and services capable of guaranteeing the highest levels of compatibility between donors and recipients. 

Because receiving blood means receiving life.

A Word from the chairman

“Innovating, growing and improving

Since 1988, DIAGAST has grown rapidly and is now one of the world leaders in immunohaematology. Creativity, performance, commitment: for more than thirty years, these three values have been our own – and we are making them a reality in our daily work. We are constantly seeking to do better, serve more patients and respond more precisely to the needs of healthcare personnel.

Firstly, via a policy of excellence. The high level of quality that has always characterised the French transfusion system has always been mirrored at DIAGAST, where all our staff share one concern: to ensure total transfusion safety. 


By acquiring the means to innovate and improve our products and services. Thanks to efficient production lines and a powerful R&D policy designed for the long term, we are able to offer quick, efficient solutions at the right prices. As we pursue this goal, the quality of the links we have forged with our partners and customers is a major asset. 

By strengthening our international growth. Here again, we are working to offer solutions tailored to the varied needs of healthcare systems which differ greatly from one country to another. 

DIAGAST has never forgotten that its mission is one of public health. As we grow in France and abroad, conduct ambitious and innovative projects and recruit new talents, we are constantly reaffirming our role as an efficient, modern, responsible and civic-minded company. “

Bruno Morino, CEO of DIAGAST

Immunohaematology: a public health issue

For more than thirty years, we have been supplying laboratories and blood transfusion centres worldwide with state-of-the-art reagents and automated systems to determine blood groups, a task which is vitally important in ensuring maximum transfusion safety. 

Working at the intersection of haematology and immunology, we design, develop, manufacture and market reliable, appropriate, fast and efficient tools and services for use by health professionals worldwide.

Our specific skills derive from unparalleled cell assets including more than 40 clones, and the large production capacity offered by our wide range of fermenters at our Eurasanté site. This acknowledged industrial excellence means that we are able to supply all of our customers: laboratories, hospitals, clinics, transfusion centres, NGOs, major global manufacturers of diagnostics, etc.

Our comprehensive technical solutions, tailored to each customer in accordance with their local needs, incorporate user support and training, and also constant monitoring and assistance.

Inheritors of a distinctively French skillset

Prior to its official establishment in 1988, DIAGAST was developed as a laboratory within the city of Lille’s Regional Blood Transfusion Centre. It was here that an extensive range of revolutionary monoclonal reagents was developed, with Diagast taking responsibility for their development and marketing. As a subsidiary of the Établissement Français du Sang (EFS) blood transfusion organisation, which enjoys an international reputation for its know-how and skills, we work hand in hand with it to implement complementary approaches: the EFS deals with practical transfusion arrangements and DIAGAST handles industrial activity.