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ABD PAD®: 3 steps manual blood grouping in 30 seconds


ABD PAD® by DIAGAST is an innovative IVDMD (In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device) for manual ABO/RhD blood group confirmation of donors and recipients. It needs only 3 steps to perform a blood group test within 30 seconds in a safe and standardized way.

It is a ready-to-use pad based on the latest technology M-TRAP® patented by DIAGAST, a breakthrough in manual blood grouping.


PAD ® products use the M-TRAP® technology which is based on the immobilization of antibodies covalently bounded to a porous membrane. Only the red blood cells having the corresponding antigen are fixed into the membrane revealing immediately the reaction.


abd pad® Procedure

3 steps in 30 seconds.


Where to use it?






• Pre-screening of donors,
• Blood group control of blood bags

• Patient bedside,
• Blood group control of blood bags

• Ambulances,
• Blood donation camps,
• Military




Product code Designation    
40101 AB PAD® 10 units x 30 tests 300 tests
40102 ABD PAD® 10 units x 20 tests 200 tests
40100 Revelation solution 10 units x 60 ml 1 vial per 2 PAD
40103 ABD MINI PAD® 10 units x 5 tests 50 tests


For further information


Feel free to contact by mail our product manager Miss Laura ROCA-PAIXAO

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