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ABTest Card® uses the Haem Trap® technology which received the Innovation Trophy at the International Biology Days (JIB 2012). This technology is based on antibodies binding (anti-A and anti-B) covalently on stacked membranes. Only reactive erythrocytes will be retained and will enable the immediate interpretation of the results.


The kit includes:

- 1 ABTest Card®,
- 1 vial of washing solution,
- 1 safety lancet,
- 1 blood segment device (securitube).


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Protocol for use:

- Simple and fast: only 3 steps - hydration / blood dispensing / washing

- Secure: the blood collection areas are bounded in the form of little wells; no cross contamination is possible

- Fast: immediate reliable results

- Standardized: colorimetric reading, standardized interpretation of results


Marketing and performance:

Each ABTest Card® batch undergoes strict internal quality control to ensure consistent and optimum quality. A performance study showed 100% specificity and sensitivity compared to outcoming results of the common phenotypes A, B, AB and O.


ABTest Card® was launched during the SFVTT congress in Nantes (2012, November 14-16). ABTest Card® was greeted positively by conventioneers attending the DIAGAST symposium.


Feel free to contact our product manager for further information.


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