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The QWALYS® 3 is a new generation of fully-automated and high-throughput systems for immunohematology; grouping, phenotyping, donor antibody screening, antibody screening, identification, and cross-matching can all be easily performed. QWALYS® 3 is the only system using E.M.® Technology, innovative nanotechnology based on the magnetization of red blood cells.



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Thanks to its specialization in IH, DIAGAST was able to contribute all its expertise to developing a brand new automat called the QWALYS® 3. With very high throughput and the largest load capacity ever designed, the QWALYS® 3 sets the standard for blood banks, blood transfusion centers and hospitals performing between 10,000 and 100,000 tests per year.

With QWALYS® 3, we enter a new era where we can refer to absolute performance. Going beyond more technical performance, the QWALYS® 3 meets every challenge faced by biology professionals (for instance, budgetary optimization and quality requirements).




Trophy n°1: Technical performance


Higher productivity
- Having a loading capacity from 160 up to 256 samples (depends on model and configuration) and the reagents biggest autonomy of the market, the QWALYS® 3 can process between 10 000 and 500 000 tests per year.

Higher Throughput
- Up to 105 Grouping or 110 Antibody Screening or 250 Antibody Screening donors per hour.

Higher robustness
- Tecan platform (leader in IVD automation).
- Advanced generation equipment integrated for an unequaled precision including high resolution of the reactions, auto-grading, and auto-controls (reader).

Higher quality of your results
- CE marked reagents, IVD and ISO certifications (Gmed).
- Quality of the results equivalent to the techniques available in the market.

Higher confidence
-The QWALYS® 3 is approved and used in routine by many worldwide Blood Transfusion
Organizations like E.F.S, the French Blood Transfusion Service.


Trophy n°2: Functional performance


Gain time thanks to its simplicity of use
- Two user-friendly entry screens to make easier versatility.
- Only 10 minutes of training is enough to launch a 
serie of tests in complete autonomy.
- Real-time display and follow of your analysis on a screen (reagent consumption, sample status).

Higher serenity with personalized customer services
- Customer service agents especially dedicated to QWALYS® 3 
Wordwide post-sales support teams through a partners network.
DIAGAST engineers in different time zones (Asia, Europe, Americas) with phone and remote maintenance support.
- Online software updates for time and cost efficiency.


Trophy n°3: Economical performance



A higher value for money
- Compared to other available automated techniques, the  E.M.® Technology guarantees the best cost efficiency with equivalent or better biological results.

Higher autonomy
- the QWALYS® 3 is a real walk-away system :
- Up to 6 hours of functional autonomy (without the intervention of technicians).
- From 2 to 15 days of onboard reagents stability.


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