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QWALYS® 3 EVO: a new generation


As an international expert in the transfusion field, DIAGAST is listening to your needs to innovate and continuously improving its products. You already know QWALYS®’s high throughput, loading capacity and the advantages of E.M.® Technology. Nowadays, QWALYS® is reinventing itself and, for its new generation called QWALYS® 3 EVO, presents new features:


STAT function

Thanks to software management which assigns urgent factor, STAT samples will be given priority and will have an optimal time to result. Even if the system is operating, the routine activity will be delayed to give priority to the STAT sample. Without any analysis, sample and reagents losses and no technician intervention required, the routine will be carried on after treatment of the STAT sample.



Dynamic scheduler

In order to enhance throughput, time to result and improve batch management QWALYS® 3 EVO has now a dynamic scheduler. Hence, STAT samples have priority over others and the scheduler has been optimized to increase its fluidity and reactivity. QWALYS® 3 EVO is even more flexible regarding analysis management whether working with batches or “on-the-fly”.



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New user interface

Known by its users as being user-friendly, the QWALYS Data Software (QDS) displays a new design while keeping its key features. The upgrade of QDS provides new functions required by regulation entities (accreditation) but also new options meeting laboratories’ needs.

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Last update : 01/10/2020 18:33:22