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Achieving excellence though expertise


The External Quality Assessment (EQA) programs are objective evidence of the quality of the analyzes performed in your laboratory. DIAGAST offers you EQA programs with a wide range of analyzes in immuno-hematology, regardless of your technique and your equipment.


DIAGAST has teamed up with the UCIL (Interlaboratory Control Unit), an external quality assessment organization and the EFS (The French Blood Establishment) laboratory, to offer you a large range of unknown results samples.
Each year, four sample delivery campaigns are planned, including analyzes that you can choose according to your needs: ABO-RH1 grouping and RH-KEL1 Phenotyping, Extended Phenotyping, Direct Antiglobulin Test, AntiBody screening, Elution, Antibody Titration, Compatibility Test. (see reference below)


Why choose DIAGAST’s E.Q.A. program?


  • Expertise in immuno-hematology:
    U.C.I.L., an expert laboratory in inter-laboratory comparison of the EFS, evaluates your testing.
  • The diversity of results:
    - Diversity, for all the tests
    - Common cases that you might face in your laboratories.
  • The quality of the samples
    - Pure and without additives blood samples
    - Similar to real analyzing conditions 
  • The rapidity of the reports
    - Results in 10 days
    - Clear and detailes report, written by immunohematology experts.
  • Transparency and impartiality
    DIAGAST assures a complete impartiality regarding the AQA campaigns.
    DIAGAST is not aware of nor the results of the analyzes during each campaign, nor the confidential report sent to each participant.

How do our E.Q.A. campaign work?


In France, participation in an External Quality Assessment (EQA) program is mandatory for all analyzes carried out according to Law L.6221-9 and ISO 15189.

The samples are packaged in sampling tubes identical to those used in most of laboratories. Thus, they can be analyzed under the same conditions as the patient samples.


The Inter-Laboratory Comparison Unit (UCIL) is in charge, independently, of the expertise services, analysis and support during each campaign. Likewise, UCIL makes the results reporting according to strict rules of confidentiality. (Learn more)






Ref Des. Composition Quantity Campaigns
59511 EEQ 1

• ABO-RH1 Grouping and RH-KEL1 phenotyping
• Antibody screening and identification

• 1 vial of 4,5 ml
• 1 vial of 3 ml
59512 EEQ 2 • Direct Antiglobulin Test • 1 vial of 4,5 ml
• 1 vial of 3 ml
59513 EEQ 3 • Extended phenotyping :Fy1,2-Jk1,2-MNS1,2MNS3,4 and RH8 -LE1,2-P1-LU1,2 • 1 vial of 4,5 ml 4
59514 EEQ 4 • Compatibility Test • 1 RBC vial of 3 ml
• 1 RBC vial of 2 ml
59515 EEQ 5 • Elution • 1 vial of 3 ml 1
59519 EEQ 6 • Antibody Titration • 1 vial of 3ml 1


If you would like to register for the 2017 campaigns, open the form below. Once completed, dated and signed, send it back to:


  • DIAGAST - 251, avenue Eugène Avinée - 59120 LOOS - France
  • Fax (orders) : +33 (0)3-20-96-53-64
  • orders@diagast.com

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