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17 tons (i.e. 10 tons of CO2/year not generated), that is the volume of paper that we consume every year for our Instructions For Use. Having noticed this, we have decided to react and participate in environment protection. Being Player more than Viewer is our philosophy.


Position of the keycode on the product labelOn the label of each DIAGAST product, you will find a unique KEY-CODE related to the Instructions for Use (IFU). By typing this KEY-CODE in the search engine of the e-labeling website (www.e-labeling.eu/DIA), you will have direct access to the correct and updated version of the IFU that you look for. You just have to choose among the available languages.


What if I do not know the KEY-CODE of the product I am looking for?

If you are not a user of DIAGAST products, you can not know the KEY-CODE. Except if you can get the updated product list and the relating keycodes by clicking on the button below.


Click here for the Keycodes list


What if my product does not have any KEY-CODE?

If your product does not have a KEY-CODE, its instructions for use are probably not available on the e-labeling website. In that case, the IFU should have been delivered to you with the product. If this is not the case, contact the DIAGAST hotline or the distributor from whom you purchased the product.


Click here for a direct access

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