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Magnetization of the red blood cellsIn the past 20 years, innovation has not been seen in the field of immunohaematology. During the last few years, DIAGAST has reinvented the way to do the immunohaematology analyses by developing pioneering technology in this field called: the E.M.® Technology (Erythrocytes Magnetized Technology).


QR scheduleThe principle of this innovative technology is based on the use of magnetic particles. During the analyzing process, these particles are fixed on the surface of red blood cells by adsorption or by binding on the GPA glycoprotein. When they are exposed to a magnetic field in the microplate, these cells migrate to the bottom of each well.

By using E.M.® Technology, the centrifugation step is completely eliminated during the analytical process.


E.M.® Technology provides you:

  • Quality: Clear-cut reactions to get an unequivocal interpretation of results
  • Comfort: More space in your laboratory, a silent automated system
  • A real autonomy: more space in the automated system which allows a higher loading capacity for reagents and samples
  • Time-saving: less maintenance
  • Polyvalence: easy to use

Whatever the tests you perform, the discrimination between negative and positive reactions is unequivocal.



Antibody Screening


Grouping and phenotyping

Réaction positive en RAI

Réaction négative en RAI


Réaction positive en groupages et/ou phénotypages

Positive reaction

Negative reaction


Negative reaction

Positive reaction


Various configurations


DuoLys - 79960

Groupa CDE Lys - 79968

ABDLys - 79967

PhenoLys - 79962

Groupa 2 Lys - 79964

Pheno 1,2 Lys - 79966 (2 determinations)

Groupa DVI Lys - 79969

Groupa A1 Lys - 79965

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