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DIAGAST was founded within the Centre Régional de Transfusion Sanguine (Regional Blood Transfusion Center) in Lille in 1968. Its role consisted of manufacturing reagents capable of determining blood groups for patients who needed blood transfusions, as well as for the blood used in transfusions. Later, the laboratory invented a wide range of revolutionary reagents (monoclonal reagents) for which it is the exclusive agent.


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Actor from the world of biology, DIAGAST is born in 1988 thanks to the complementarity of scientists and commercial teams. The laboratory created a wide range of revolutionary reagents (monoclonal reagents) of which he is the exclusive agent. The laboratory became a company (DIAGAST) which markets these reagents to laboratories, hospitals, and blood banks.

In the nineties, DIAGAST bolstered its activity in reagent manufacturing and innovated by developing practical, accurate and easy-to-use equipment for blood group determination. Nowadays, DIAGAST has established itself throughout the world.

During the first decade of this century, we progressed from the world of reagents to "reagents integrated into automatons." Our new clones, combined with more reliable instruments and more accurate software, contributed to making safer computer-aided diagnoses.


Today, DIAGAST is a privileged partner of the E.F.S (French Blood Transfusion Service), a group of 8,700 people in France.


We are present and active worldwide via our network of +60 approved distributors. Our international sales currently represent 65% of the company’s sales figures. And this will increase over time because international markets are the future of our company.


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