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In order to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of blood donation, the French Blood Service (EFS) is launching the season 3 of operation #MissingType from 6 to 18 January 2020. As a player in French transfusion medicine, our company had a duty to support this event.


We therefore call on all companies, local authorities and schools to take part in this great surge of solidarity to support blood donation.


The aim of the operation? Temporarily remove from your logo on websites, intranet, signs, social network profiles ... the letters A, B, O, three letters that designate blood groups A, B, O, AB.

By symbolizing the lack of blood by the disappearance of the letters of the blood groups, the objective of this operation is to insist on the necessary regular mobilization of blood donors in order to always be able to meet the needs of patients.


"Some letters have more power than others,

we're really counting on you to make them disappear!"



DIAGAST facilities for #Missing type operation

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