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The "Défi fou*" of an extraordinary company


On Friday 4th October, the DIAGAST team has became star for one night and shined on stage, interpreting their musical 'DIAGAST sur son 31" at the Sébastopol theater of Lille. Let’s have a look on this great adventure!


"DIAGAST sur son 31" was the title of the musical that the DIAGAST teams have completely created by themselves. They have been working on this project for 2 years, repeating every single week. Everyone of the company was free to participate, no matter if they were experienced or beginner, they could all collaborate in this artistic project: for the songs, the story, the costumes. And all this with the help of 3 artistic coaches. The Theater Sebastopol sounded the best place for their performance, being the unavoidable place for shows in Lille.

The idea of creating this show comes from a challenge.

Indeed, every year DIAGAST organizes a internal challenge where all the employees can participate. The adventure "Defi fous" was born 7 years ago, under the initiative of Bruno MORINO, CEO of Diagast. For the last few years, many challenge have been developed such as running, artistic photo shooting etc. The goal of this initiative is to build a real relationship between the teams, to establish different links that we can find at work, to allowed a better work conditions, and why not reveal people’s secret talent.

Why is this so important for DIAGAST ?

Because this involvement and energy are part of the company's daily strategy and it’s real values. This year, DIAGAST wanted something unforgettable to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company. This musical was open to the families of the employees, to friends and also company’s partners. They could all discover during this awesome event, what makes DIAGAST unique and so special: the sharing.


The end of a adventure  is in no way a final word

More than a simple show, the event embodies the hardest challenge that the "artists"  had to face, which makes all the employees proud and glad to have shared this moment with their audience.


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(*) crazy challenge

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