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A new building to support new projects


To keep pace with its rapid growth, DIAGAST is pleased to announce the start of construction work on its new production site located on the Eurasanté Park in Loos, alongside its head office.


A two-fold increase in production capacity

The acquisition of the 19,000-m² plot in collaboration with the Métropole Européenne de Lille, Loos City Hall and Eurasanté was finalised in mid-October 2017. The building’s total surface area will be approximately 5,000m² and will make it possible to double the company’s production capacity while also expanding its product ranges. This new building will house a 1,400-m² controlled atmosphere production area, the storage of all products, from raw materials through to finished products, in addition to production support services.


A CSR-compliant project

The construction characteristics of the building are compliant with DIAGAST’s CSR policies. In addition to pollution-free technical solutions (for example the various technical choices concerning cold production or LED lighting, etc.), the quality of the reinforced glazing will make it possible to reduce the greenhouse effect, which is almost inevitable for this type of building, thereby avoiding excessive energy consumption.

This building will also make it possible to optimise our logistics operations by having them grouped together on site, avoiding the need for shuttle services operating to and from off-site storage areas, and will reduce our carbon footprint.

The regional aspect also represents an important commitment on the part of our company: building here allows us to actively contribute to boosting local employment, firstly with the future jobs to be created through our growth and secondly by selecting French partners and suppliers, chiefly from the local region.

What’s more, this site will be built based on the 2012 thermal regulations and will be fully accessible for persons with reduced mobility. Not forgetting the large amount of greenery and natural features preserved throughout the site.


The construction work began on 30 October 2017 with the teams scheduled to move into the new building during the first half of 2019. For its part, the head office will remain on the Eurasanté Park in its existing premises.


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