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DIAGAST announces the successful completion of its capital increase in cash, with the EFS (French blood agency) retaining its position as majority shareholder. Accordingly, on 9 May 2017 the GEI and IRD groups took an equity interest in DIAGAST as new minority shareholders.


The objective of the capital increase is to meet the requirements of numerous growth projects, notably R&D and industrial projects for the company's new product ranges and further investment to double production capacity.


Bruno Morino has been Chairman & CEO of DIAGAST since 2011. His first task was to implement a new development plan in order to achieve significant growth; via this capital increase, DIAGAST is commencing a new chapter in its strategic development.



About EFS (French Blood Service)

Through blood donation, donors and recipients are at the very heart of the sharing economy. In association with thousands of volunteers, the 10,000 employees, doctors, pharmacists, biologists, laboratory technicians, researchers, nurses and EFS collection teams are committed each and every day in exceptional circumstances to transform donations into life, treating some 1 million patients each year. The sole civil operator in blood transfusion in France, the main objective of the EFS is to ensure national self-sufficiency in blood products. It is also involved in numerous other activities, such as biomedical analysis, cell and tissue therapy and research. In addition to classifying donations, EFS laboratories carry out different types of biological, haematological and immunological analysis, which is vital not only for transfusions but also for organ, tissue and cell transplants. With over 500 million individual acts performed each year, the EFS is the largest biomedical laboratory in France and is active throughout the country via its 128 sites, ensuring that it maintains maximum proximity with donors and patients, achieving the very highest level of standards.


About GEI, a hands-on investor at the heart of the real economy

With more than €150 million assets under management, GEI is an independent investment fund mainly funded by French entrepreneurs, who provide their knowledge and business expertise to the company of that we invest in. Based in Nancy, Strasbourg and Lille, GEI invests either as minority or majority shareholding, with investments ranging from €3 million to €15 million. GEI invests in a wide range of activity, including technology, food, industry and construction materials. Our investment strategy is to support profitable and growing SMEs and mid-cap companies in the context of growth financing (cash-in) or changes in the shareholder structure (buyout operations). Our deal are all tailored to the context and rationale of the investment, and constantly seeks to align the interests of all parties involved in the deal (managers, shareholders and the development of the firm)


About IRD Groupe - Nord Croissance

A subsidiary of Groupe IRD, Nord Croissance is a specialist of private equity. It creates investment solutions for development projects, business transmissions, and changes of capital structure. As an active partner of entrepreneurs located North of France, Nord Croissance invests as a minority shareholder in SMEs. Our investments can reach €1.5M, ideally during 5 to 7 years. Since 1991, Nord Croissance has supported more than 300 companies and is currently an investor in 67 companies.

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