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MEDLAB congress took place on February 6 to 9, 2017, at the DWTC (Dubai World Trade Center). It is one of the main laboratory show worldwide and is now a stand-alone event, following 15 years of success alongside the flagship healthcare show, Arab Health.


DIAGAST was particularly pleased to welcome on booth distributors and customers from all over the world and particularly from:
• Middle East (UAE, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Israel, Oman, Qatar),
• Asia (Pakistan, India, Philippines)
• Africa (Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Lybia, Ethiopia, Soudan)
• and Europe (Italia, Greece, France).


Our customers really appreciated our  ABD PAD device, allowing a 3 steps manual blood grouping confirmation in 30 seconds. The new device can be used in Blood banks (for pre-screening of donors or Blood-group control of blood bags), in Hospital (for Patient bedside or Blood Group control of blood bags) and in Outside Lab (Ambulances, Blood donation camps and Military). ABD PAD can be suitable for a lot of markets and was very interesting for a lot of customers coming on the booth.


Our technical demonstrations of QWALYS automated system  had also a great success. DIAGAST fully-aotumated system has the possibility to perform every kind of IH tests: Reverse grouping, Blood group confirmation, Rh + Kell phenotype, Weak D, Crossmatching, Antibody Screening, Identification of unexpected antibodies, Direct Antiglobulin Test, Extended phenotyping.

It was also very interesting for new customers to discover QWALYS, now implemented all over the world.


DIAGAST and its commercial teams look forward to seeing you  in Dubai for MEDLAB 2018.

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