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weak d screening on qwalys®: simpler and safer


Weak D phenotype is a weakened form of the D antigen which is weakly expressed (70 to 4000 sites). Weak D phenotype is characterized by negative reaction with standard anti-D reagent, that's why it's necessary to perform a specific test in order to detect weak D. Generally, this test is done on pregnant women, newborns and on Rh negative donors to ensure they are truly D negative in order to prevent the formation of anti-D in Rh-negative individuals. It may or may not be done routinely on Rh-negative candidates for transfusion, depending on the policy of the transfusing institution.


Through its new test featuring EM Technology, DIAGAST provides greater benefits for customers:


  • Safety: detection of large specificities
  • High throughput:  70 tests/per hour
  • Performances: a sensitivity and a specificity  at least equivalent compared to the reference techniques



Antigens recognition diagram of Qr Anti-D weak clones


Feel free to contact our Product manager  Fanny DENIS  for further information on this new test.



See the principle of our Weak D Test

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