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direct antiglobulin test (DAT) ON QWALYS®: simpler and safer


The DAT is performed to determine if red cells have been sensitized in vivo by antibodies and/or complement factor (C3d). This test is especially used :
- if autoimmune hemolytic anemia is suspected,
- to help diagnose hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) due to an incompatibility between the blood types of a mother and baby
- to investigate a suspected transfusion reaction.


Thus the patient's red cells are directly tested with human antiglobulin anti-IgG or anti-C3d. Through its new test featuring EM Technology, DIAGAST provides greater benefits for customers:


  • Simplicity: No washing step
  • Safety: Use of the primary tube
  • High throughput: 66 tests /per hour 
  • Performances: A sensitivity and a specificity at least equivalent compared to the reference techniques.
  • Use of monospecific antiglobulins


Feel free to contact our Product manager  Fanny DENIS  for further information on this new test.


See the principle of our Direct Antiglobulin Test

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