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Crossmatch test on qwalys®: simpler and safer


The Crossmatch is a compatibility test used between donor’s red blood cells and patient’s plasma. This test is performed each time a transfusion is (or could be) needed: scheduled surgical operation or emergency. Through its new test, DIAGAST provides greater benefits for customers:


  • Gain of simplicity: no pre-analytical step (no more washing) 
  • Gain of time: first result in 36 minutes (ABO test can be performed during the xmatch incubation. Thus only 36min for xmatch + ABO result
  • Gain of throughput: 70 crossmatch tests / hour
  • Gain of management: easier stocks management of reagents
  • Unique equipment for all the tests: complete range of tests


Feel free to contact our Product specialist  Fanny DENIS  for further information on this new test. 


See the principle of our crossmatch test

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Last update : 26/03/2019 06:57:56