Because of the rigor and method of the studies conducted and the conclusions drawn by the authors, Scientific publications are of paramount importance in the knowledge and recognition of our products and technologies.

Gestion de l'Immuno-Hématologie en urgence (C. Chabrières) - Spectra Diagnostic Sep-Oct 2020 Download
Comparative study of ABO RH-Kell, reverse typing and extended phenotyping reagents... - DIAGAST, France Download
Evaluation of M-TRAP® Technology in ABO/RH blood grouping with the ABD PAD® Device. - EFS Lille, France Download
Evaluation of the new blood grouping device ABD PAD® - Bab-El-Oued University Hospital, Algeria Download
ABD PAD®/ Evaluation of a new manual ABO/RH blood grouping method - Milan Polyclinic Hospital, Italy Download