The RH1 (D) antigen is one of the most important in transfusion medicine. To some extent because of its immunogenicity, but also because of the great number of variants.

Partial and weak variants may represent a puzzle in immunohematology. DIAGAST has a wide range of antisera that answer to different regulatory demands.

  • Anti-D IgG: a very sensitive clone for the determination of weak D,
  • Anti-D IgM: the reagent of choice for blood grouping. It does not react with DVI,
  • Anti-D TOTEM: a formulation of 4 different clones to detect a maximum of weak D.
ANTI-D (RH1) IgG 71020 Technical insert
ANTI-D (RH1) TOTEM 5×10 ml 71010 Technical insert
ANTI-D (RH1) TOTEM 100×10 ml 70544 Technical insert
AGH MAESTRIA IGG 76218 Technical insert