These reagents are in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) of human origin for professional use. They are designed for analysis of human biological samples from blood donors. They are thus exclusively intended for blood bag identification centers, such as blood banks.

HEMA CELLS are used in the plasma test (or reverse group) for ABO blood grouping using the microplate method. After having tested for red cell antigens in the red blood cell test, HEMA CELLS verifies the presence of the corresponding antibodies in the test plasma.

These reagents are ready for use and can thus be directly used on microplates in the automated method on the PK7300 automated microplate system

HEMA CELLS A1, B (PK2) 73040 Technical insert
HEMA CELLS A2 (PK2) 73050 Technical insert
HEMA CELLS O (PK2) 73060 Technical insert
BROMELINE PK 73300 Technical insert