The 34th international congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) was held in Dubai september 3-8. During this 6-Days event, the United Arab Emirates capital and its impressive International Convention and Exhibition Centre were the focal point of the world transfusion medicine. DIAGAST was of course in attendance and took advantage of the event to create another buzz.


For our company, the ISBT event began on saturday night with  the organization of a distributor meeting introducing the new manual technique concept, PAD® by DIAGAST.


On sunday noon, DIAGAST had the pleasure to share a brunch with a about fifty customers at the Conrad Dubai Hotel. Biologists and commercial distributors from Asia (China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Thailand, South Korea...), America (Peru, Argentina, Uruguay), Africa (South Africa, Ivory Coast, Morocco...) and Europe (Russia, Portugal, Serbia, Poland, Hungary...) enjoyed an informal lunch in a relaxed atmosphere in a superb environment.


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After its resounding performances during the previous IISBT congresses in Lisbon (2011), Cancun (2012), Amsterdam (2013), Seoul (2014) and London 2015 the DIAGAST 2016 show was eagerly awaited  by a numerous audience, smartphones and camcorder in the hands to fix the moment.

And DIAGAST surprised its audience with a mix of quite different parts:

• first a tribal dance in magnificent rainbow outfits accompanied by percussions performed live on booth

• then a modern dance in black and white in order to enhance the new product ABD-PAD®.


Bluffing! This is the relevant adjective to describe the audience reaction after the show: mission accomplished!


See the highlights of the DIAGAST show


After this festive interlude, the start of the week refocused on more business matters.Throughout the congress, visitors attended the grand launching of the next manual blood grouping concept ABD PAD®  (more information). Once again, DIAGAST revolutionizes the Immunohaematology like it did in 2004  with EM® Technology or in 2012 with M-TRAP® Technology.


The fully-automated system  QWALYS 3®  with its various microplates configurations or the extended phenotyping especially formulated for EM® Technology as well as for PK range or manual range were present on the booth as well.


Every odd year the ISBT organizes two regional congresses, of which one will take place in Europe. In 2017 the 27th and 28th congresses will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, 17 - 21 June and Guangzhou, China, 25 - 28 November.


We are looking formard to seeing you at these various exhibitions.

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